Welcome to BHI

Better Healthcare for Indiana was established in 2008 through the leadership of twenty faith, consumer, and health thought leaders dedicated to the proposition that “genuine health reform is local;” and that inclusive consumer and civic leader engagement and public education are essential in order to improve community health and support providers as they transition their business model from one that is volume and financial-driven to one that is value and community health–driven.

BHI Vision

A state-wide learning network of inclusive, community health improvement councils that coordinate and manage collaborative local health improvement initiatives and inform citizens and consumers through fact-based, analysis-rich, easy-to-understand messaging about personal health, community health, healthcare consumption, inequities, costs, and quality.

BHI Mission

To catalyze and sustain local health improvement councils across Indiana in their efforts to help citizens and consumers navigate the health system, coordinate collaborative initiatives to improve community health, and partner with providers and community institutions to improve the patient experience and slow the annual growth in medical spending.

BHI Role:

BHI Core Beliefs and Principles

BHI 2012 Priorities

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